Let NY Vote
Let NY Vote is a nonpartisan, New York statewide coalition of grassroots networks, civil rights and civil liberties organizations, re-entry communities, good government groups, unions, social service providers, immigrant rights groups, and everyday citizens fighting improve our elections by making registering and voting more accessible and equitable for every eligible New Yorker.
As a freelance Design Assistant for Common Cause NY, I created print & digital design, social media, and outreach packages based on initial messaging for campaigns including Vote Early NY, Ranked Choice Voting, and automatic voter registration using Adobe Suite and G Suite products.
Campaign branding by Jesse Reed of Order Design. All images copyright of Common Cause NY. Based on initial messaging, I copyedited language for clarity; produced palm cards, 1-pagers, posters, and social media imageshelped manage the translation process; and drafted outreach packages.
Vote this weekend_RED.jpg
My work also involved using existing illustrative assets to design social media images for various campaigns to be used on twitter, instagram, and in outreach emails.
LNYV_June2019_Social_3 asks.jpg
LNYV_June2019_Social_we have a bill.jpg