SOTU cover image.jpg
State of This Union
A job performance review form
Proportional Representation

Explorations of the Senate and House Chamber carpet patterns

American Flag Takes a Nap
A cotton flag with text​
Taking the Oath
A rug with the Senatorial Oath
Critique Poem Tea Towels
Hand woven tea towels with poems
Things I Learned in School Today
Political satire drawings​
44 Congressional Committees
A series of drawings
Rotten Apple Quilt
All quilt based on a website
String Theory
Combining textiles into graphic design
Blanket Statement #1
Jacquard woven blanket
Job Description for an Artist Working in Government 
A collaged job description in a knit folder
A Jacquard woven wall covering
Textiles = Systems
A book of theory
RISD Global Initiative
A student organization that I am very proud of
Some Coats to Filibuster In
Some industrially knit samples
Down With Business Casual
Some dobby woven samples
Patterns for Artists in Government
Some repeat pattern designs
Woven Paragraph #1
A woven textile