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RISD Global Initiative
Global Initiative is a student-run organization on a mission to make RISD a home to creative global leaders. GI strives to build well-rounded local, global and RISD citizens through strategically designed events and cross-campus collaboration with clubs, offices, and departments.

During my three years with GI, I have had the honor of serving as Graphic Designer, Co-Vice President, and President. Within these roles, I have designed a variety of printed material, upheld our club brand and mission, set agendas, run club meetings, developed goals and collaborated with various people and organizations both inside and outside of RISD.
Logo designed for annual Eat the World, an annual food festival where GI invites our peers to cook food from their home countries.
I was especially proud to be project manager when we brought Emory Douglas, the former Minister of Culture for the Black Panthers, to campus in January 2017 for a keynote lecture and a public critique of student work from a four gallery exhibition of work titled –ISMS: Exploring the Intersectionality of Identities.
Advertising materials to educate students about US election terms, and to encourage RISD students to register to vote:
A selection of event posters I designed and helped host:
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