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CLIENT Citizens Union Foundation

CONTENT STRATEGIST Shabd Simon-Alexander


Social media design direction for ElectNYC, a guide to New York City’s 2021 Primary Elections developed by Citizens Union Foundation. I worked with content strategist to develop a trustworthy and engaging graphic design direction for social media that would engage partners, activists, and the public in the three months leading up to the June 2021 Primary Election in NYC. In this election voters would elect candidates to a record number of positions using ranked choice voting for the first time. The primary goal of this campaign was to drive viewers to the ElectNYC website, which hosted extensive information about the candidates running and how to vote in NYC.


Easy to use graphic design kit-of-parts in Canva, a graphic design platform. 


Training for ElectNYC staff and interns on Canva basics 

screencapture-canva-brand kit.png

Inspiration for the design of the campaign came from NYC’s borough flags as well as social media graphics by peer organizations including State of the Vote, the ACLU, Vote Save America, Marie and Otto Neurath’s work with the Nigerian government in the 1950s, and Citizen Union’s branding. 

21_0302_ElectNYC_Design Direction.jpg

The kit-of-parts included icons, "stickers", banners, backgrounds for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and pieces of geography.

ElectNYC_Icons_Clean streets & infrastructure -.png

A key element of the branding was a set of icons to represent 15 key issue areas for NYC voters. These icons combined flat shape illustrations, stock photographs, and geometric patterns showing that democratic elections aren’t about a single perspective on an issue, but about accounting for diverse perspectives on complex systemic issues. Smaller versions of the icons included only the flat shape illustration.

ElectNYC_Icons_SMALL_Clean streets & infrastructure -.png


Systematized templates for posts sharing information on city council races (NYC has 51 city council districts, find yours here)

ElectNYC Website Posts2.jpg

City council district templates were color coded by borough, for example all Queens-related templates were blue.

Templates included space to ask questions of the reader, designed to engage people in the democratic process by making them think about how the election would affect issues in their district.


30+ unique graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook designed to get voters invested in the election because of its impact on issues in their communities, and to provide the information they need to vote.

ElectNYC Website Posts_instagram designs.jpg
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