Critique Poem Tea Towels
Four hand woven tea towels embroidered with poems about fixing government. Duplicates were sent to four senators (two Democratic and two Republican). Currently waiting for a response.
Eight hand woven cotton/linen tea towels, digitally embroidered, four USPS priority mail packages each containing a tea towel and a letter

Oh shit this kid just asked if our democracy is broken

It’s the guy with the glasses

(The senator with the glasses)

He said yes it’s a little bit broken

Standing ovation


If something is broken

English says it can be fixed

And I’ve heard we speak English

Here in the United States of America


Mend it

Wash it          

Sew it back together again

Dab it gently

Wipe it off

Throw it in the laundry


Fiddle with it

Break it

Tie some rope around it

Find a replacement part

Make a replacement part    

Nail it

Weld it

Duck tape works for everything right?


People elected to do what the people want

To prepare and implement specific solutions

Actions designed to address specific problems

Go get ‘em handy man

I’ve heard people saying

Our Democracy is broken

Have you tried turning it off

and turning it back on again?


Buy a new one

Make a new one

Test it out

And yell at it until it works


Fire someone

Hire someone

Create a new position

Outsource it


Complain about it

Tweet about it

Bring in outside review

Rate it zero out of zero stars


Monitor the situation

Ignore the situation

Add a feedback loop

Let it run

Apple rotten to the core

Take a bite!

Savor sweet mealy chin dripping

sticky in the crevices between your fingers


In minds eye see Johnny spread seeds

Orchards planted barefoot in someone else’s fields

So we can offer apple in exchange

to teacher for children’s myth


A couple of weeks ago I learned

that two out of three Americans

(instead of which you should really say people currently residing within the US of A)

can’t name all three branches of our federal gov

Shiny red apple                                                                  

stabbed with a knife                                     

out drips glorious golden syrup                                        

from sugar star


If the inside of the apple is rotten

don’t eat the fruit

Throw it out!

No pie for you

Dear Senator,


A word of advice. Once happened upon (as if you had nothing to do with its creation) a tangled mess leaves several options.


First: pull on one end with patience and time,

reverse, re-trace the chaos (your unknown steps), and if there is resistance, stop, rest, continue.


Second: cut in half and let the ends untwist gently, regulate each shorter piece, then knot back

together again. Feel what was lost in the name of understanding and visible connections.


Third: conduct a cost benefit analysis to determine if the decision is sound, to estimate strengths and weaknesses, to compare total expected cost against total expected benefit.


But (know that if you let it get too big you’re fucked, some tangles can’t be undone).


Sincerely, a concerned weaver living here.